2021 Results

Swedish Day UK 2021

Swedish Day 2021 was our 14th event. Like last years covid event, this one was always an unknown with the added limited supply of fuel chucked in.

We were hoping for around 60 Swedish cars to brave the challenges given to them, but by 12 there were 120 Saabs and Volvo on the field. Some of you may have noticed a big green Scania missing, well that's because at the same time as the show she was being delivered back to her original owners. John and Irene had kept it in such great condition that a deal had been struck and she will be back with the potato people. Watch this space as Irene is after a 142 artic to be ready for the next show.

We decided to only have 5 competitions this year but will go back to 7 plus in May 2022. A big thank you to all the sponsors for supplying the trophies. The five prizes at the 2021 show were awarded like this.

Chris Hamley sponsored the “Most Admired Saab”, chosen by the people at Swedish D
ay which went to Mike and Norma Thompson with their
Saab 96.
Volvo Owners Club
“Most Admired Volvo”, chosen by the people at Swedish Day went to Hugh Nolan and his Volvo 122S.
A R B Property Services, "Best Modified Swede" went to Robert Burtchaell and his Volvo 144.
Volvo Owners Club
"Furthest Travelled" went to Eddie Haworth who drove 414 miles in his Saab 9-3 Convertible.
Rob Gray sponsored an award for "Favourite Young Swede"
to Alfonso and his Saab 9-3 Convertible.


I would like to thank everybody for supporting this event, the helpers, the 4 sponsors mentioned above, Roger and Minnie for the location and everything they did for us at Haselbury Mill, the internet forums and blogs, my daughter Azabeth, John and Sarah, for a lot of internet and trade help and the marshals for helping with the parking.  But the biggest thank you goes to all the owners of those lovely Saabs and Volvos that came along on the day. Next years show will be held on Sunday the 8th May.


Cars on Display

The Winners