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Protecting your interests.

We are a small family run business with over 30 years expertise in the Police and Local Government sectors. Because we are small we can adapt to peoples’ needs and because we are small WE CARE!

 Among our specialisations:

·       Hate filling out complicated forms? We can assist you through the minefield of official form filling for such diverse things as Enduring Power of Attorney and Social Security Benefit claims. We can also help you with your Will.

·       Do you have a problem with a company or organisation and hate letter writing? Let us reduce your stress and worry. We can write letters for you to send and help you to target the right people to achieve the outcome you need.

·       Need help following a road traffic collision? We carry out accident investigations, including photographs, plans, interviews and statements for Civil or Criminal Proceedings.

·       Concerned about crime in and around your home? For most people, it is the fear of crime that preys on the mind. We can provide a comprehensive crime prevention survey of your home which, with relatively little outlay, can improve security and restore your peace of mind. 

Your requirements not covered by the above? Then why not contact us and see if we have the right solution for you?

 Phone: 07775 792550 

Email: clive@customsolutions.org.uk

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